An OverClocked Christmas v.16 front cover An OverClocked Christmas v.15 back cover

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Release: December 2022
Artwork by: The Coop
Produced by: The Coop

  1. colorado weeks - Animal City Winter Festivities
  2. Souperion - Boreal Solstice
  3. The Coop - The Faithful Have Gone
  4. The Vodou Queen - Sorrowful Bellows ~ An Ode For A Winter's Night
  5. HoboKa - Dual Phendrana Slamma
  6. Rozovian - Deep Winter
  7. Audiomancer - Beautiful Esper
  8. Lampje4life - Not Quite a Silent Night
  9. Seth Skoda - We Wish You A Merry Christmas (SEGA Genesis Remix)
  10. Cyril the Wolf - O Holy Emmanuel