An OverClocked Christmas v.9 Front Cover An OverClocked Christmas v.9 Back Cover

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Release: December 2015
Artwork by: The Coop
Produced by: The Coop

  1. Dusk - One Wintersday Night
  2. Garpocalypse - A Christmas Epic
  3. Rozovian - Secret of Many
  4. Celestial Sonata - Dub of The Sugar Fairy
  5. The Coop - A Few More Miles To Go v2
  6. Timaeus222 - Amorphous Freeze
  7. Lampje4Life - Eorzean Holidays
  8. HoboKa - Jumped By The Koopa Bros
  9. Kevin Blondel & Matt Matriciano - Alocumulus Floccus
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  • The list of track sources is not available yet, stay tuned.